Måndag 16 augusti

”Lupo”, TC 50 min

For Time (with a Partner)
Cash-In: 1 Mile (1,600m) Run as a Pair
100 Wall Ball Shots @9/6kg
90 Deadlifts @60/40kg
80 Hand Release Push-Ups
70 Box Jumps @60/50cm
60 Toes-to-Bars
50 Burpees
40 Power Cleans @60/40kg
30 Push Presses @60/40kg
20 Alternating BB Lunges @60/40kg
10 Thrusters @60/40kg
Cash-out: 1 Mile (1,600m) Run as a Pair

All work is shared however apart from the run which both members of the pair complete together.

Crossfit Karlstad