Söndag 22 augusti

A. BB Back rack reverse lunge
4×12-20 reps alternating, leave 1-2 reps in the tank.

B. Snatch grip Romanian deadlift:
4×5-10 reps, leave 1-2 reps in the tank.

C. Barbell bent over row
4×10-15 reps, leave 1-2 reps in the tank.

Progress from last week on all three of these movements. Ways that we can progress:
1. Same weight for more reps.
2. More weight for same reps.
3. More weight and for more reps!

D. 30s Work, 30s Rest x 4 each:
1. BB Snatch grip behind the neck strict press @20/15kg
1 min rest
2. Top Plank matrix
1 min rest
3. BB upright row @20/15kg
1 min rest
4. Hanging alternating S.leg Leg Raise


Alt EMOM40

20 m KB farmers carry, 2 x 40/28 kg
8 DB box step over, 2 x 22.5/15 kg
30 sec weighted wall sit, pick load
8 plate sit up
12/10 cal row (damper 10)
30 sec KB front rack hold, 2 x 24/16 kg
5 sandbag over high box

Crossfit Karlstad