Tisdag 17 augusti

A. Teknik, Alt EMOM10
1. 3 Snatch balance @30-40%
2. 3 Tall Snatch @30-40%

B. Every 45s x 12 (9 minutes):
1 Hang Snatch + 1 Low Hang Snatch
Build from part A weight to moderately heavy weight. No fails!

C. Strength (12 minutes):
Build to heavy (not max) set of 3 back squat with a 3s descent and 1s pause at bottom.
Then 2×3 @80-90% of that heavy 3

D. AMRAP 8 min:
5 Pull up
5 Lateral Burpee over bar
10 Air Squats

To start and EMOM: 1 Hang snatch @ roughly 90% of what you hit in part ”B”, then continue the AMRAP where you left off. Score is total rounds and reps of the pull up, lateral burpee and air squats.

Crossfit Karlstad