Söndag 5 september

A. EMOM 12:
1. 6 Barbell Alternating front rack reverse lunge
2. 6-8 Supinated Barbell bent over row

– Both movements should leave 1-2 reps in the tank on the first set.

B. Superset (15 minutes):
B1. Romanian deadlift:
– 5×5-10, leave 1-2 reps in the tank
B2. Side plank with rotation:
– 5×10/10 with 1.25-2.5kg plate

C. 4 rounds (8 mins)
20s Max DB Front squat @2×22.5/15kg
Straight into:
20s Max Jumping Squats
Straight into:
20s Max Walking lunge steps
60s Rest

D. 4 rounds (8 mins):
20s Max Pike Push ups
Straight into:
20s Max DB Push press @2×15/10kg
Straight into:
20s Max Push ups
60s Rest

Crossfit Karlstad