Onsdag 21 september

A. 0:00 – 3:00: Every 30s x 6:
1. 2 Push press with 2s pause in dip and feet GLUED to the floor the whole time*
2. 5 Scapula Pull ups + 5s Active hang
*Build from easy warm up weight to technically challenging weight.

B. 3:00 – 11:00: EMOM 8:
1. 3 Push press*
2. 3-10 Strict pull up
*Build to heavy 3 across the 8 sets

C. 5 Sets (10-12 minutes) You go, I go with a partner:
5-15s Ring top plank hold
+ 5-15s Halfway down ring push up hold
+ 5-15s Bottom of ring push up hold
(5-10s rest)
5-10 Ring push up

D. AMRAP 10 minutes, for quality:
4 Lengths of your area Bear Crawl
5/5 Single DB Push up
6/6 DB Snatch @ 22.5/15kg*
*DB is held outside feet

E: Grip work (9 minutes):
30s of Barbell forearm curls
10s Rest
30s Plate pinch hold
10s Rest
30s Dead hang
1:10 Rest

Crossfit Karlstad