Söndag 26 september

A. Front squat:
0:00 – 10:00:
Build to a heavy single with 3s Pause at the bottom. Must complete at leasy 3 ”heavy” sets on your build up.
10:00 – 14:00
3×1 with the same pause @90% of the heavy single.

B1. Romanian deadlift:
– 5×5-10, leave 1-2 reps in the tank

B2. Strict Toes To Bar
– 5×4-12

– We hit these movements in this combination 2 weeks ago so refer to your weights and reps from then and aim to progress this week with…
1. Same weight for more reps
2. More weight for same reps
3. Both!

C. 1:30 Work, 1:00 Rest x 6 alternating, (3 of each):
6 KB Front rack walking lunge
6 KB Front squat

10 Alternating DB Bent Over Row
6 DB Hang Power Clean

– The format is back! Remixed with some different movement combinations but once again, the goal is to not put the KBs or DBs down for the whooooole 90s….


Alt. EMOM42
6 plate OH lunges + 20 m plate carry, 20/15 kg
5 tire flips
5-10 parallette push up
10 KB deadlift 2 x 40/28 kg
Max reps devils power clean & jerk, 2 x 22,5/15 kg

Crossfit Karlstad