Söndag 3 oktober

Final week of these movements before we switch things up!

A. Front squat (10 minutes)
Build to 1RM with a 2s pause at the bottom.

B. 12 minutes:
B1. Romanian deadlift:
– 5 x 5-10, leave 0 reps in the tank

B2. Seated pike leg lift:
– 5 x 10-20

Last week of the Romanian deadlift so go big today!

C. Muscular endurance Part 1 (12 minutes):
40s Box step over @ 2 x 22.5/15kg
40s Goblet squat @ 22.5/15kg
40s Wall Sit
60s Rest

D. Muscular endurance Part 2 (10 minutes):
30s DB See-saw bent over row @ 2 x 22.5/15kg
30s Hang power clean @ 2 x 22.5/15kg
30s Kip swings
60s Rest

For parts C + D: In Pairs, member no.1 starts. As soon as member no.1 finishes their second movement, member no.2 starts.


7 burpee over bar
9 deadlift, same weight as complex
11 KB goblet squat, 32/24 kg
13 KB swing, 32/24 kg
1 heavy american nightmare complex (no push press, dvs 1 HPC + 1/1 lunges), bygg upp vikten

Crossfit Karlstad