Onsdag 6 oktober

A. Warm Up – AMRAP 5 minutes:
10s Supinated Dead hang
10 Alternating lunge with overhead swing
3 Push up to down dog
5/5 S.arm DB row

B. You Go, I Go: for 2 sets each (10 minutes)
5-4-3-2-1 reps of…
Ring Dip / Ring Push Up*
Strict pull up / Ring Row
Rest while partner goes
2 minute cap on each round

*If doing ring rows + ring push ups, you will use the same rings for both and use a box to elevate feet to appropriate height for the ring push ups.

C. EMOM 12:
1. 5-15s Each Hold: Chin over bar hold + Halfway down pull up hold + Active hang
2. 5-15s Each Hold: Ring top plank hold + Halfway down ring push up hold + Bottom of ring push up hold

D. AMRAP 15 minutes, for quality:
Climb the ladder of 1-2-3-4-5….
Right Arm DB Snatch (DB outside body) @ 22.5/15kg
Right Arm DB Push Press
Left Arm DB Snatch (DB outside body) @ 22.5/15kg
Left Arm DB Push Press
Hanging Thigh taps
Length Gymnastic Bear crawl

Crossfit Karlstad