Lördag 16 oktober

Every 12 minutes x 4 sets:
800m Run
50 DU
20 Down Ups
400m Run
50 DU
10 Down ups

1000m Row
10 Lateral Burpee over Rower
14 DB Box step up @1×22.5/15kg
500m Row
10 Lateral Burpee over Rower
7 DB Box step up @1×22.5/15kg

– One group starts on 1, the other starts on 2. Alternate each round.
– Goal is to match your score for the first round on the second round through!
– Work is capped at 10 minutes. If you are not done by then, take note of where you are and try to match/beat that next time.
– This is a repeat from 21st August so refer to your scores from then and try to beat them!

Crossfit Karlstad