Måndag 11 oktober

*All workouts are individual but sharing areas. Pairs with SHARE one rowing machine but will have their OWN box, DB and medicine ball.

A. AMRAP 15 minutes Building from warm up pace to 80% effort:
15/12 Calorie Row
14 Alternating box step up
400m Run
14 Burpee

– Rest as needed to set up parts B-C, no more than 5 minutes –

B. AMRAP 7 minutes:
9/7 Calorie Row
12 Wall Ball @ 9/6kg
6 Box jump @76/60cm

3 minute rest

C. AMRAP 7 minutes:
S.arm DB Devil’s press @ 22.5/15kg
Box Step up (bodyweight) @60/50cm

3 minutes rest

D. AMRAP 7 minutes:
800m run buy-in then AMRAP in the remaining time:
Burpee Box Jump Over @ 76/60cm
DB Snatch @22.5/15kg


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