Måndag 8 november

A. 1 minute on, 1 minute off x 10:
3 Deadlift @ 140/95kg
4 Box jump @ 60/50cm
6 Toes to bar

2 minute rest

B. 1 minute on, 1 minute off x 10:
6 Alternating DB Box step up @ 1 x 22.5/15kg
4 Chest to bar
20 Double Unders

On both A and B, get as far as you can in the minute, rest 1 minute, then start the next interval where you finished the last. Score is total number of rounds at the end of the 10 intervals.

A. Hip extension + hip extension + hip (and ab) flexion. The CF Open often includes workouts that feature lots of hip extension and sometimes paired with hip flexion. These combinations are very fatiguing to the core and when the core gets fatigued, everything gets tougher! On this workout the deadlift should be a weight that you can do unbroken each round BUT is challenging and may require you to take a quick pause to breathe and brace before. Treat the box jump as your pacer, powerful jump to the top, fully extend then breathe and recover on the step down. The toes to bar do not have to be unbroken. On the toes to bar think about tucking your pelvis and looking straight ahead between feet to use abs to pull the feet up. The opposite (less efficient) way of doing toes to bar is to look up and arch at the lower back to try to lift feet.

B. For the DB box step up, place the DB on the shoulder with one hand anywhere on the DB. Alternating legs and think about driving down in to the box with the heel to stand, not relying on the back leg to “bounce” off the floor. This small number of chest to bar provides a good opportunity to practice butterfly if you already have kipping, otherwise just focus on breathing and keeping chin slightly raise (eyes looking to ceiling in front of you) throughout the movement.

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