Onsdag 10 november

A. Warm Up – AMRAP 5 minutes:
10/10 Ankle mobilization against wall
3/3 ATG Split squat
10s Dead hang + 5 Scapula pull up
5 Scapula push up + 3-5 Push ups

B. Jerk Werk (10 minutes):
EMOM 5: 2 Push Press + 2 Power Jerk
Straight into:
EMOM 5: 2 Power Jerk

On BOTH EMOMs, the first power jerk has a 2s pause in the receive.

C. Strict Gymnastics Capacity Building (12 minutes)
Every 30s x 10:
10-15% of 3 minute Max Ring Dips
OR (if you were not here for the test)
2-5 Strict Ring dips

2 minute rest

Every 30s x 10:
10-15% of 3 minute Max Strict pull ups
OR (if you were not here for the test)
2-5 Strict Pull ups

D. Skill Work (12 minutes)

30s Work, 30s Rest x 6, alternating:
1. Hang Squat Clean @ 35-60kg / 25-42.5kg
2. Alternating pistols
3. KB Snatch (from hang) @ 24/16kg

A. On the ATG Split squat, the goal is to get the bum to the heel of the front foot with the back leg completely straight. Not many people can do this (myself included!) but this is the goal to get the most out of the movement.
B. On today’s Jerk Werk we have a pairing of push press and power jerk. This pairing is to help develop the dip and drive of the power jerk. On the push press we dip to load the legs, then drive the bar hard with legs, once the legs are fully straightened continue to press with the arms. This is called “finishing the drive” and is what we want to also do on the power jerk. A good cue for feeling is to feel your bum and quads squeeze hard before trying to press with your arms for the push press OR re-dip under the bar for the power jerk.

C. We are starting a progression for building upper body push and pull capacity, specific to gymnastics, based off the test you did last week. If you were not here for that test do not worry, after this week you will have a baseline to work off.
We are hitting a fixed number of reps every 30s for 10 sets (5 minutes). If after the first few sets you realise it will be too difficult, drop the reps down and continue. If however it feels easy – good! It should be very manageable this first week as we will progress over the coming weeks.

D. Skill work to finish the session.
1. Hang Squat Clean – pick a load that you can cycle for the whole 30s. Focus on a smooth and fast transition under the bar and into the squat. Next focus is to stand up all the way before swinging the bar down for the next rep. Don’t get caught in the no-rep trap of “popping” the bar off the shoulders as you stand.
2. Alternating pistols – continuing with our practice on these. If you are scaling for mobility, use a plate under the heel (or lifters if you have some). If you are scaling for strength, do the pistol on the side of the box and focus on controlling the full movement as deep as you can.
3. KB Snatch (from hang) – an opportunity to work on the “pull and punch” motion of the KB snatch to get rid of the dreaded bruised wrist and instead have the KB roll smoothly onto the wrist. This happens when after pulling the KB, the individual keeps the hand still and waits for the KB to swing around and onto the wrist. In this instance the handle is still and the “bell” of the KB is rotating around the hand to land on the wrist. To remedy this, after pulling the KB aggressively PUNCH to the ceiling. If this is well timed, the bell of the KB stays still and handle (in your fist) moves around it to slide into the catch position.

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