Tisdag 9 november

A. Technique: Every 45s x 8 (6 minutes) Alternating:
1. 4 Back Squat Wide + 4 Narrow + 4 Normal @ 20/15kg
2. 3 Slow motion muscle clean + 3 Thruster @ 20/15kg
3. 10s Kip Swing, 5s rest, 10s Hollow, 5s Rest, 10s Arch
4. 5 BB bent over row + Front rack mob remaining time.

B. Back Squats (10 minutes):
1 x 3 @ @75%1RM_BACKSQ
1 x 3 @ @80%1RM_BACKSQ
1 x 3 @ @85%1RM_BACKSQ
1 x 3+ @ @90%1RM_BACKSQ – 1 RIR*
Rest 2-3 minutes betweens sets

C. Segmented Clean + Slow pull Clean + Clean (10 minutes)
– 4-5 sets of 1+1+1 @65%-85% of 1RM Clean

*Slow pull is 3s from floor to power position
*Segmented is 1s pause at 1 inch off floor and top of kneecap.

D. In a 5 minute window (19 minutes)
Thruster @ 43/30kg
Pull Ups
Calorie row @ 80% effort in the remaining time
2 minute rest

This is a repeat from 4 weeks ago!

A. On the slow motion clean, focus on getting the bar to follow the same perfect path it needs to for the clean. If you’ve been here for past Tuesday sessions think about your segmented clean positions!

B. The last session of our back squat cycle. At these heavy loads breathing and bracing is even more important. Take the time before each rep to take a deep breath into the belly, push the abdomen out 360 degrees around the spine to brace it. Hold this brace through the descent and change of direction of the squat then forcefully push the air out as you drive up. Next week will be a deload on the squats before we retest 1RM the following week.

C. Progressing our positional work for the clean pull by moving on the slow pull variations this week. The pull from the floor to the power position should take at least 3 seconds. During this pull we are trying to move through exactly the same positions as the segmented clean.

D. This workout is a repeat from 4 weeks ago so refer to training diaries from times then to beat today. As 4 weeks ago, there are two goals with this workout:
1. Finish the couplet at the same time on each of the 3 sets.
2. Hit the same OR increasing number of calories on the rower each round.
As this is a repeat, an extra goal is:
3. Improve upon what you did last time by being more consistent and faster.

The scale for the pull up today is the jumping pull up, because it maintains the intensity.

Crossfit Karlstad