Torsdag 11 november

A. Warm-Up (6 minutes)
Every 30s x 12 sets (3 rounds), building in intensity and aggression each round:
1. 15-20s Deadbug
2. 3-5 Snatch pull
3. 3 Burpee + 3 Box jump Step down
4. 3-5 High hang snatch @ 20/15kg

B. Power! (14 minutes)
Bi. 0:00-6:00: Every 45s x 8:
4 Toes to bar + 3 Box jump over @60/50cm + 1 Power Snatch @ 65% + build

6:00-8:00: Rest

Bii. 8:00-14:00: Every 45s x 8:
4 Pull up + 3 Box jump over @60/50cm + 1 Power Snatch @ 65% + build

C. MAX EFFORT Intervals (24 minutes)
0:00-0:40 – 45s Max Power Snatch @ 60/42.5kg
0:00-1:30 – 45s Rest
1:30-2:15 – 45s Max Power Clean + Jerk @ 60/42.5kg
2:15-3:15 – 60s Rest
3:15-4:00 – 45s Max Bar facing burpee
4:00 Recovery Row

B. Chunky power work today! As always, speed is the name of the game. Choose a toes to bar and pull up variation that you are confident with so the challenge will be moving fast and not just making it through the reps. Ideally build every 2-3 lifts and continue building in Bii from Bi.

C. Our biggest max effort session yet. As the intervals increase in length, do not be tempted to drop the intensity and pace each set. The goal is STILL to go out at a max effort and hold on for dear life. On both the barbell movements today we want a load that’s as close to the suggested as possible so that we can get closer to nailing Rx Grace and Isabel. For the best of us, this could be a load that is touch and go for 15-25s then fast singles for the rest of the interval. For most of us this will be fast singles from the start. Be hard on yourself and pick up the bar sooner than you want to. Make those singles fast enough to feel like a sprint. Same goes on the bar facing burpee – go out hot and hold on to your pace.
The rest period is long today as we are working for longer intervals too.
1. Use the row as recovery, flush the body out, breathe, cheer on your partner and get ready for the next interval.
2. EARN your rest. If you’re getting through that 4:00 recovery feeling like it’s too much rest, you need to push harder in the intervals.


A. Clean deadlift + hang power clean + front squat + push jerk
4 x 1 + 1 + 2 + 2

B. Power clean + push press + push jerk + split jerk
6 x 1 + 1 + 1 + 1

C. Clean pull + clean + front squat
6 x 1+1+1 @ 70-85% av 1RM clean

D. Clean pull to hold
4 x 2, AHAP

Crossfit Karlstad