Måndag 15 november

A. 1 minute on, 1 minute off x 10:
4 Thruster @ 42.5/30kg
6 Toes to bar
20 Double unders

2 minute rest

B. 1 minute on, 1 minute off x 10:
2 Wall walk
4 Box jump over @ 60/50cm
6 Sumo Deadlift High Pull @ 42.5/30kg

On both A and B, get as far as you can in the minute, rest 1 minute, then start the next interval where you finished the last. Score is total number of rounds at the end of the 10 intervals.

A. This combination was seen in the Open 2 years ago. For a quick transition into the thruster, try a no-contact clean, essentially pulling the bar from the floor straight into the bottom of your thruster. DU can be scaled by reducing the reps to something that will take you no more than 15s, to keep the stimulus of the workout.

B. Those wall walks will get spicy after the shoulder fatigue of part A and the pulling of the SDHP. Let’s focus on meeting the standard every rep:
1. From the bottom position, hands cannot move until both feet are on the wall.
2. Top position is any part of the hand 10cm from the wall.
3. Both hands must be returned to the start position before feet touch the floor again.
If you can get all the way up then focus on doing so with:
1. The least amount of steps you can
2. The most control you can.
If you cannot get all the way up, mark a line on the floor where you can walk to confidently and focus on the points above whilst getting to this line every rep.

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