Onsdag 17 november

A. Warm Up – AMRAP 5 minutes:
10/10 Ankle mobilization against wall
10 walking lunge with forward knee drive
10s Dead hang + 5 Scapula pull up
5 Strict press

B. Jerk Werk (10 minutes):
EMOM 5: 2 Behind the neck power jerk
Straight into:
EMOM 5: 2 Power jerk

On BOTH EMOMs, the first power jerk has a 2s pause in the receive.

C. Strict Gymnastics Capacity Building (16 minutes)
Every 30s x 14:
10-15% of 3 minute Max Ring Dips
OR (if you were not here for the test)
2-5 Strict Ring dips

2 minute rest

Every 30s x 14:
10-15% of 3 minute Max Strict pull ups
OR (if you were not here for the test)
2-5 Strict Pull ups

D. Skill Work (12 minutes)

30s Work, 30s Rest x 12, alternating (3 rounds):
1. DB Box step over @ 2 x 22.5/15kg
2. Right arm KB OHS @ 12-24kg
3. Double Unders
4. Left arm KB OHS @ 12-24kg

B. Jerk work today focusing on the power jerk! Behind the neck jerk variations remove the need to navigate around the head and so are great for feeling the straight bar path in the jerk. BTN jerks also make it easier to get to the ideal finish position overhead where the bar is over the top of the spine and the middle of the foot. Pay close attention to these two things on the BTN jerks then try to get the same feeling on the regular power jerks.

C. Building from last week we have 4 more sets on each movement. Take note of what you hit last week. If over the sets your reps decreased and you found it difficult to finish the sets unbroken, then this week start with less reps. If last week you managed to stay consistent throughout the sets – well done! – aim for the same thing this week.

D. Two DBs on the step over. The key with this movement is footwork: face the box to start the rep, turn 90 degrees as you step onto the box, then turn another 90 degrees as you step off the box so you finish facing the box again. Once you have the hang of this, pick one side of the box to face when you turn so you are alternating which direction (and which foot) you step up with each rep.
The KB OHS are very challenging for mobility and stability so if you really struggle with the movement, focus on slow and controlled reps as deep as you can maintaining control.
Double unders technique points:
– Hands close to body and waist
– Relaxed arms and grip
– Feet together
– Legs almost straight and heels lightly kissing the floor each rep
– Eyes focused on a point straight ahead.
– Body in a straight line, not piked, not arched.
If you don’t have DU then this is learning time.
If you do have some double unders but they are not consistent, use this time to focus on a specific technique point.
If you have double unders confidently, aim for max reps unbroken in the 30s (goal is 60).

Crossfit Karlstad