Tisdag 16 november

A. Technique: Every 45s x 8 (6 minutes) Alternating:
1. 4 Back Squat Wide + 4 Narrow + 4 Normal @ 20/15kg
2. Front rack mobility
3. 3x Lunge Matrix with reach to floor
4. 2 Segmented muscle clean + 2 Slow motion muscle clean

B. EMOM 6:
1. 5 Back Squat*
2. 2-3x Lunge matrix with DB deadlift to floor @ 2 x 15/10kg

*Set 1 @ 40%, Set 2 @ 50% and Set 3 @ 60% of 1RM.

C. Cleans (12 minutes)
Every 90s x 4 @65%-85% of 1RM Clean:
1 Segmented Clean + 1 Slow pull Clean + 1 Clean

Straight into….

Every 90s x 4 @65%-85% of 1RM Clean:
2 Slow pull Clean + 1 Clean

*Segmented is 1s pause at 1 inch off floor and top of kneecap.
*Slow pull is 3s from floor to power position.

D. In an 8 minute window (20 minutes)
500m Run
AMRAP in the remaining time:
Double KB Front squat @ 2 x 24/16kg
KB Facing burpees
4 minutes rest

A. Technique and warm up work to prep for the movements today. For the front rack mobility make sure you are keeping a full grip around the bar i.e. bar squeezed tight in palm of hand with fingers and thumbs wrapped around. This helps ensure we are stretching tissues around the elbow and shoulders (good) to get a better front rack, not just the wrist (bad). Lunge matrix 1 round = each leg, each direction (forward, side, rotating)

B. A deload session on the back squats blended with some multi-directional lunge work. The back squats weight should feel light as it is a deload. Keeping them in to practice the technique and help the legs recover in preparation for our max out next week.

C. Continuing the clean positioning progression. For the first 4 intervals we are hitting one rep of each variation (same as last week). Practice perfect positions with the pauses on the segmented clean, then go through the same positions on the slow pull. For the second set of 4 intervals we are switching the segmented clean for another slow pull. Weight can be increased at any time during the sets but stay within the range so we’re not going too heavy to learn perfect technique.

D. The 500m run is a right turn out of the door (towards Lidl) to the end of our road and back in again. Once you’re back in the door get to work on the ascending ladder of double KB front squats and KB facing burpees.
KB front squats – two KBs, KBs can be racked wherever feels most comfortable for the squats. The ideal is actually to place the bell high up on the traps with handles close to cheeks and elbows high. This way the weight is stacked on top of you like a back squat, not in front pulling you forwards.
KB facing burpees – the standard is two footed take off on every rep, a one footed take off / stepping over is scaled. When you placed the KBs down on the floor, place them side-by-side with the handles in a straight line. When jumping over the KBs you need to get both feet OVER (not around) the handles. Find a pace on the burpees that allows you to pick up the KB as soon as you are done and start the front squats.

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