Torsdag 18 november

A. Warm-Up (7:30 minutes)
Every 30s x 15 sets (3 rounds), building in intensity and aggression each round:
1. 15-20s Easy paced burpees
2. 3-5 Slow pull muscle snatch @ 20/15kg
3. 15-20s Easy paced box jump step down
4. 10s Dead Hang + 5-10 Scapula pull ups
5. 5-10 Kip swing + 5 BB Bent over row @ 20/15kg

B. Power! (17:30 minutes)
0:00-7:30: Every 45s x 10, alternating:
4 Burpee Box jump + 1 Hang Power Snatch @ 65% + build

7:30-10:00: Rest

10:00-17:30: Every 45s x 10, alternating:
4 Chest to bar + 4 Lengths KB farmer’s carry @ 2 x 32/24kg

C. MAX EFFORT Intervals (17 minutes)
At 0:00: 1:30 Max EFFORT Power Snatch @ 60/42.5kg

At 1:30: 2 minute rest

At 3:30: 1:00 MAX EFFORT Bar facing burpees

At 4:30: 2 minute rest

At 6:30: 1:00 MAX EFFORT Power Snatch @ 60/42.5kg

At 7:30: 2:30 minute rest

At 10:00: 1:00 MAX EFFORT Bar facing burpees

At 11:00: 2:30 minute rest

At 13:30: 0:45 MAX EFFORT Power Snatch @ 60/42.5kg

At 14:15: 1:45 minute rest

At 16:00: 1:00 MAX EFFORT Bar facing burpees

At 17:00: DONE

B. The burpee box jumps on this power piece should be done powerfully – as explosive as possible both from lying on the floor to standing and jumping onto the box. As with last week, no hesitation when approaching and picking up the bar. Goal is to be deadlifting the bar up to start the hang power snatch within 3s of your last BBJ.
For the farmer’s carry we will be sharing areas with the person to the side of us. Place your KBs just in front of your pull up area so when you drop down you can pick them up straight away. You will then walk to the opposite side of the room (1 length) back again (2 lengths) and repeat for 4 lengths total. The KB weight should be heavy enough that the fastest you can move is a quick walk but not running.

C. Max effort intervals today are all about snatch and burpees. We are working towards PBing our Isabel score so if you cannot hit Rx, hit as close a weight to Rx as possible that will allow you to move in fast singles. It cannot be stressed enough: these intervals are MAX EFFORT. That means starting EVERY interval with a MAX EFFORT SPRINT and holding on from there. The score on the burpees will (and should) decrease over the sets BUT the score on the barbell should be:
1:00 = Over 66% or “two thirds” of what you hit for the 1:30
0:45 = over 50% of “half” of what you hit for the 1:00.



A. Overhead squat w. 3 sec paus
4 x 3

B. Tall snatch
5 x 2

C. Build up 1RM complex, 15 min
1 snatch DL + 1 hang power snatch + 1 hang snatch w. 2 sec paus

D. Snatch pull
4 x 4, AHAP

Crossfit Karlstad