Tisdag 23 november

A. Technique:
Every 45s x 8 (6 minutes) Alternating:
1. 4 Back Squat Wide + 4 Narrow + 4 Normal @ 20/15kg
2. Front rack mobility
3. 3x Lunge Matrix with reach to floor
4. 2 Segmented muscle clean + 2 Slow motion muscle clean

B. Back squat (12 minutes) Build to 1RM!

C. Cleans (12 minutes)
Every 90s x 4 @65%-85% of 1RM Clean:
1 Slow pull power clean + 1 Slow pull clean + 1 Clean

Straight into….

Every 90s x 4 @65%-85% of 1RM Clean:
1 Power clean + 1 Clean

*Slow pull is 3s from floor to power position.

D. AMRAP 3 minutes, 1 minute Rest x 3:
21 Overhead squat @ 43/30kg
15 DB Box step up @22.5 / 15kg to 60/50cm
9 Overhead squat
In remaining time: Max burpee box jumps @60/50cm

B. The time has finally come to set a new PB in the back squat! We have spent a lot of time doing reps at progressively higher weights which has given lots of opportunity to make technical corrections. Today is not the time for more technical corrections, it’s the time to take the movement that you have worked on, keep the cues in mind that you know have helped you and load up!

C. We have ditched the segmented cleans and are now working solely with the slow pull and regular clean / power clean. Goal today is to have your feet land in exactly the same position on the power clean as the (full) clean.

D. A blast from the past again. We hit this workout 13 weeks ago on the 24th September! Time to obliterate your old score. We are looking for unbroken on the OHS or a maximum of one break, then a steady, rhythmic pace on the step up. Choose whether to switch feet on the box or the floor. For the second set of OHS the legs will be burning and it will be tougher than the first but we still want to hold on to an unbroken set to get to the BBJ as fast as possible. This is one of those workouts where time is more important than fatigue I.e. more time on the BBJ will be better than getting there fresher with less time!

Crossfit Karlstad