Torsdag 25 november

A. Warm-Up (7:30 minutes)
Every 30s x 15 sets (3 rounds), building in intensity and aggression each round:
1. 15-20s Easy paced burpees
2. 2-4 Alternating S.arm DB Devil’s press
3. 15-20s Easy paced box jump step down
4. 5 Muscle clean + strict press W/empty barbell
5. 15-20s Easy paced shuttle run

B. Power! (5 minutes)
Every 20s x 15, alternating:
1. 2 DB Devil’s press @ 2 x 22.5/15kg
2. 4 Box jump over @ 76/60cm
3. 4 Lengths shuttle run

C. Deadlift (12 minutes) Build to 1RM!

D. MAX EFFORT Intervals (14 minutes)
At 0:00 – For time: 20 Power Clean + Jerk @ 60/42.5kg

At 4:00 – 2 minute rest

At 6:00 – 1 minute MAX EFFORT Burpee box jump over

At 7:00 – 2 minute rest

At 9:00 – For time: 10 Power Clean + Jerk @ 60/42.5kg

At 11:00 – 2 minute rest

At 13:00 – 1 minute MAX EFFORT Burpee box jump over

At 14:00 – DONE!

B. Shorter power work today to leave plenty in the tank for the deadlift. The work for each 20s period is short, so try to complete it as explosively as possible:
Devil’s press – two footed jump down and up. If you’re not used to the Rx weight, now is the perfect time to give it a go. If you are comfortable with the Rx weight then practice jumping far enough forward from the bottom of the burpee that you can pull the DBs straight overhead without using a swing.
Box jump over – practice rebounding if you can. If you are unfamiliar with the higher box then step/jump down with a quick reset between jumps.
Shuttle run – you will be sharing areas with the person in the area to the side of you. Equipment will be laid out so that you can run from wall to rig. Hand touch to the floor on the turn at each end.

C. Our second big max out for the week! You should be nicely fired up after part B. As with the back squat on Tuesday, we have LOADS of reps in the tank so now is not the time to make technical changes. Take what’s worked for you and use it. Get that PB.

D. Max effort work similar to last week, this time we have clean and jerks – preparing for Grace, and burpee box jump over.
C+J – as last week, the goal is to get as close to the Rx weight as possible, even if that means singles from the start.
BBJO – two footed jump on to the box is the standard. Ideally keep the two feet moving together throughout the whole minute. If as you are dying you need to take the pace down, do it by stepping down from the box. To take the pace down more, step UP from the burpee.
Once again – to get the effect of these intervals, each one needs to be a full MAX EFFORT from the start. Sprint from the beginning and HOLD ON!

Crossfit Karlstad