Måndag 29 november

AMRAP 40 minutes:

4 Lengths S.arm KB OH Walking lunge @ 1 x 24/16kg
4 Lengths Farmer’s carry @ 2 x 24/16kg
4 Wall walks
8 Lengths shuttle run
2 Lengths Bear crawl (hips lower than shoulders)
2 Lengths Double KB Front rack walking lunge @ 2 x 24/16kg
2 Wall Walks
8 Lengths shuttle run
60s Rest

For this workout we will be sharing areas with the person to the side of us. Give each other a full lane from rig to opposite wall and this will be your “length” for the exercises.
S.arm KB OH Walking lunge – the key here is fully locked out elbow and straight wrist, so the weight is stacked over the joints and not taxing the muscles with a bent arm. Alternate arms as you wish.
Farmer’s carry – a regular farmer’s carry with 2 KBs. Get the knuckles under the handles (slight angle at the wrist) for a strong grip and think “big chest” as you walk to get the most out of the movement.
Wall walks – today the focus is on BODY POSITIONING. When walking the only thing we are focusing on today is keeping the spine neutral and NOT falling into an arch. You’ll know you’re in a good position if your abs are working. If not your hips will sag to the floor and your belly with likely touch the wall. Instead, keep that hollow and as soon as feet are off the floor keep eyes on the wall.
Shuttle run – touch the floor with your hand at each end.
Bear crawl – must keep hips lower than shoulders! Move opposite hand and foot when you walk and imagine you are try to balance a glass of water on your back.
Double KB Front rack walking lunge – today we are keeping the KBs on shoulders where they are easy to hold and focusing on an efficient lunge. Step far enough forward with each step to make sure front knee is NOT moving over the front toe.

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