Onsdag 1 december

A. Warm Up – AMRAP 5 minutes:
10/10 Ankle mobilization against wall
10 walking lunge with forward knee drive
10s Dead hang + 3 Scapula pull up + 3 Kip swing
3 Slow motion thruster @ 20/15kg

B. Jerk Werk (10 minutes):
EMOM 5: 2 Thruster + 2 Power Jerk
Straight into:
EMOM 5: 1 Thruster + 1 Power Jerk

On BOTH EMOMs, the first power jerk has a 2s pause in the receive.

C. Strict Gymnastics Capacity Building (11 minutes)
Every 30s x 10:
15-20% of 3 minute Max Ring Dips
OR (if you were not here for the test)
2-5 Strict Ring dips

1 minute rest

Every 30s x 10:
15-20% of 3 minute Max Strict pull ups
OR (if you were not here for the test)
2-5 Strict Pull ups

D. Skill work (14 minutes)

4 x 3:30 minute intervals:
0:00-0:30 – Handstand push ups
0:30-1:00 – Thruster @ 35/25kg
1:00-1.30 – Rest
1:30-2:00 – Tall Kneeling to box step up @ 60/50cm
2:00-2:30 – Chest to bar
2:30-3:30 – Rest

B. The thruster + power jerks are from the floor. As with the push press + jerk combinations we’ve had the past 2 weeks, transfer the powerful leg drive of the thruster into the power jerk drive too. The pause on the first power jerk is an opportunity to find stability and balance in the catch position. If you cannot hold the pause – you haven’t found a stable position yet!

C. We have dropped the sets down and increased the number of reps. If you….
1. Did the 3 minute max test, take your % off that.
2. Did not do the 3 minute max test but you have been here in previous weeks, add around 25% to the reps you have been doing.
3. Did not to the 3 minute max test and have not been here in previous weeks, do a number of reps you feel you can sustain for all 10 rounds WITHOUT dropping off.

D. Skill work today is four, 3:30 intervals featuring 4 different movements. The kipping handstand push ups should be done to a flat mat, not a raised surface. Because we are working on the SKILL, options are:
1. Slow and controlled descent into perfect tripod position, kip back to the top.
2. Slow and controlled descent into perfect tripod position, dismount from wall.
3. Pike push ups practicing perfect tripod position.
Thruster – focus on keeping the bar on the shoulders for as long as possible throughout the movement. This ensure you are using the legs as much as possible, not the arms. The thrusters are purposely placed after the HSPU in this workout to make you more sensitive to the shoulder fatigue and thus use your legs more!
Tall kneeling to box step up – try to find the rhythm here of alternating legs with the step up and stepping straight down from the box to knees only placing one foot on the floor.
Chest to bar – again this is SKILL work so options are:
1. Butterfly chest to bar
2. Kipping chest to bar
3. Kipping pull up
4. Kip swing

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