Tisdag 30 november

A. Technique: Every 45s x 8 (6 minutes) Alternating:
1. 4 Plate goblet Squat Wide + 4 Plate goblet Narrow + 4 Plate goblet Normal @ 5-15kg
2. Front rack mobility
3. 3x Lunge Matrix with reach to floor
4. 3 Segmented muscle snatch

B. Front squat (12 minutes)
Build to 1RM

– this is the 1RM we will be calculating the next squat cycle from!

C. Snatch (10 minutes):
Segmented Snatch Deadlift + Segmented Snatch Pull + Segmented Power Snatch:
4-6 sets of 1+1+1 @ 65% of 1RM Snatch and build

– There are two segmented pauses, one at 1 inch off the floor and one at top of the kneecap.

D. EMOM 15:
1. 10-15 Toes to bar
2. 30-60 Double Unders
3. 5 Touch and go Power snatch @ 50% of 1RM Snatch*

*Increase load each round.

B. Starting today’s session with a 1RM Front squat! This number is what we will be using to calculate percentages for the coming front squat cycle so put up a big effort for an accurate max.
C. Moving into snatch progressions on our Tuesday session now. The segmented work is the same pauses as the segmented cleans we have been working on. Because your hands are wider on a snatch you are in a more bent over position than the clean. For this reason it is extra important that you actively pull the chest to the ceiling throughout the pull (and today focus on this during the pauses).

D. On this EMOM we are looking to start with a number of toes to bar and doubles unders that we can either sustain or increase over the 15 minutes. The touch and go power snatch is as one fluid movement, so no catching the bar in the hip and pausing. This fluid descent in one motion transfers over better to workouts. To keep the bar close on the way down, bend the elbows to keep the path of the bar close to the face, once the bar drops to about chin height allow the elbows to turn over so they are above the bar. From there it’s about letting the arms go straight as the bar brushes the thighs BEFORE letting the hips bend.

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