Torsdag 2 december

A. Warm-Up (7:30 minutes)
20s Work, 10s Rest x 15 building in intensity and aggression each round:
1. Easy paced burpees
2. Alternating lunge with reach to floor
3. Easy paced single unders
4. Muscle Snatch @ 20/15kg
5. Easy paced shuttle run

B. Power (5 minutes)
Every 20s x 15, alternating:
1. 2 Power Snatch @ same weight as part D.
2. 4 Lengths shuttle run
3. 10s Max Double Unders

C. 3x Superset (12 minutes):
C1. 10-20 BB Back rack reverse lunge (alternating)
30-60s Rest
C2. 10-15 KB Romanian deadlift*
60-90s Rest

*this is standing on plates so you can reach full stretch of the hamstrings at the bottom of the movement.

D. MAX EFFORT Intervals (9 minutes)
At 0:00 – 4:00: “Isabel” – For Time: 30 Power Snatch @ 60/42.5kg

4:00 – 6:00: Rest

At 6:00 – 9:00: For time: 40 Bar facing burpees

B. Power work today is short and sweet to save juice for Isabel later. Enough to get a nice stimulus without creating too much fatigue. The power snatch should be at the weight you are using in part D (which should be as close to Rx Isabel weight as possible). The shuttle runs are with a hand touch at either end as we have been doing in the past. The double unders are for SPEED today! If you don’t have double unders, now is not the time to learn them! Go for fast single unders OR lateral hops over the barbell.

C. Posterior chain work. Two focuses on the lunge:
1. Keep the hips stable and level.
2. Soft touch on the floor with the back knee.
On the KB RDL, stand on a plate so at the bottom of the movement you get full stretch on the hamstrings.
This is the first week of these movements so set a high standard with movement quality now and it will be easier to keep through the coming weeks.

D. The time has come to test Isabel! We have put in a LOT of work in the time frame over the past weeks with all of our “max effort” work on Thursdays.
What weight should I use? – The simple answer is: as close to the Rx weight as you can, whilst being able to do fast singles. Do NOT use a lighter weight so that you can do reps TnG. In effect the only people that should be going touch and go in this workout are those already at the Rx weight.
Why the 4 minute cap? – because we want to preserve the stimulus of the workout. If you are working for longer than 4:00 then it has turned into more of a barbell grinder than a sprint. If you have chosen a challenging weight but you do not make the time cap – good! This is much better than a lighter weight that does make the time cap but is further away from the Rx load than you could have done. Good luck and let’s get some PBs on.
For the 40 BFB we have 3 minutes. That’s just over 13 reps a minute. As with our previous max effort sessions however we are not looking to pace over the time cap, we want to fire out the 40 reps as fast as possible. No pacing, just GO.



A. Snatch balance + hip snatch + low hang snatch
5 x 1+1+1

Bi Hip snatch + low hang snatch
8 x 1+1

Bii Low hang snatch
6 x 1, AHAP

C. Snatch balance
4 x 3, AHAP

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