Onsdag 8 december

A. Warm Up – AMRAP 5 minutes:
10/10 Ankle mobilization against wall
10 walking lunge with forward knee drive
10s Dead hang + 3 Scapula pull up + 3 Kip swing
3 Slow motion thruster @ 20/15kg

B. Jerk Werk (10 minutes):
0:00-4:00 – EMOM 4: 3 Jerk balance @ 20-40kg / 15-30kg
4:00-8:00 – EMOM 4: 2 Split Jerk*
8:00-12:00 – EMOM 4: 1 Split Jerk*

* First rep on the doubles and all reps of the singles have a FIVE second pause in the catch.

C. Strict Gymnastics Capacity Building (13 minutes)
Every 30s x 12:
15-20% of 3 minute Max Ring Dips
OR (if you were not here for the test)
2-5 Strict Ring dips

1 minute rest

Every 30s x 12:
15-20% of 3 minute Max Strict pull ups
OR (if you were not here for the test)
2-5 Strict Pull ups

D. Every 5:00 x 4 (20 minutes):
2 Wall walks
4/4 S.arm KB Front Rack Step Up @16/12kg to 60/50cm
4-10 Toes to bar
8 Alternating KB C+J (from floor) @24/16kg
6 KB Candlestick Rolls @16/12kg

Work should be completed by 4:00 at the latest.
If still working at the 4:00 mark, stop, rest and try to get further the next round!

B. Check out the video for the jerk balance. This movement helps learn how to:
1. Move the front foot forward into a stable position without letting the hips and body follow.
2. Get the head “through” so bar is stacked over joints and upper back.
Try to replicate the same feeling on the split jerks. The five second pause is to build a super stable receiving position that will handle heavier weights.

C. Building on last week’s gymnastics capacity, we have 2 more sets added. Take note of what you hit last week. If over the sets your reps decreased and you found it difficult to finish the sets unbroken then this week start with less reps. If last week you managed to stay consistent throughout the sets – well done! – aim for the same thing this week. Perfect reps get you stronger, crap reps get you injured!

D. Revisiting this one from a while ago with some slight changes. The KB front rack step up is 4 alternating step ups with KB racked in one arm, then 4 alternating step ups with the KB racked in the opposite arm. The toes to bar should be a number that is slightly challenging to complete unbroken. On the KB clean and jerk really try to nail the rack positions so you’re getting all the leg drive up into the KB. Candlestick rolls are all about using the momentum, as you roll back let the KB touch the floor and the legs to come up into the air. To get back up, slam the legs back down to the floor as you throw the KB over the legs.

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