Tisdag 7 december

A. Technique: Every 45s x 8 (6 minutes) Alternating:
1. 4 Plate goblet Squat Wide + 4 Plate goblet Narrow + 4 Plate goblet Normal @ 5-15kg
2. Front rack mobility
3. 3x Lunge Matrix with reach to floor
4. 3 Segmented muscle snatch

B. Front Squats (12 minutes)

Warm up sets:
3-5 @ 40%
3-5 @ 50%
3-5 @ 60%

Main sets:
1 x 6 @65%
1 x 6 @70%
1 x 6 @75%
1 x Max effort @80% (2 RIR*)

*RIR = Reps in reserve. I.e stop 2 reps before failure, so there is a grind but it doesnt get F-ugly
– If it’s feeling particularly heavy today, drop the weights by 5-10%.

C. Segmented Snatch Deadlift + Segmented Power Snatch (8 minutes)
4-6 sets of 2x 1+1 @ 65-85% of 1RM Snatch and build

D. Every 2:30 x 5 (12:30 minutes):
10 Chest to bar
10 Wall ball @ 9/6kg
5 Touch and go Power snatch @ 50% of 1RM Snatch*

*Increase load each round.

B. Starting our next squat cycle which will be focus on front squats. Being the first session, let’s set the standard for the rest of the cycle:
1. As full a grip on the bar as you can maintain.
2. Elbows up AND shoulders actively pushing up into the bar.
3. Keep actively pushing the chest and shoulders up into the bar throughout the descent so when it comes to changing direction and driving up, you are less likely to round over and bend forwards.
4. Through the ascent, hips and shoulders move at the SAME RATE. You’ll be able to tell if you do this wrong as you will start to bend over forwards and hips will rise.

If you struggle to maintain any of these points, drop the percentages by 5-10%.

C. Progressing from last week’s snatch complex. This week we have 4 reps: snatch deadlift + power snatch + snatch deadlift + power snatch. The segmented pauses are on ALL reps and as with last week, focus on…
1. Keeping the arms straight throughout the whole pull.
2. Keeping the chest pulled to the ceiling
3. Keeping the bar as close as possible to the legs.

D. The chest to bar should be a number that you can complete unbroken without it being max effort. Moving on to the wall balls, focus on breathing at the top AND the bottom of the movement. Relax the arms while the ball is in the air to help recovery before the power snatch. As last week the power snatch is without pausing at the hips on the way down. We want a smooth and fluid movement that transfers over to workouts.
While we want to move through the work fast, the priority is the touch and go snatches so take a couple breathes to set yourself before picking up the bar if it means you’ll be able to use more weight.

Crossfit Karlstad