Lördag 18 december

A. AMRAP 5 minutes:
Climb the ladder of 1-2-3-4…
DB Burpee box step over @ 2 x 22.5/15kg
8 Abmat Sit-ups after each set

3 minutes rest

B. AMRAP 5 minutes:
Climb the ladder of 2-4-6-8…
Alternating KB Snatch from floor @ 24/16kg
Air Squats

3 minutes rest

B. AMRAP 5 minutes:
Climb the ladder of 2-4-6-8…
Handstand push up
Calorie Row

3 minutes rest and repeat from top

In today’s AMRAPs the goal is to use pace the low skill movement in order to continue to push the higher skill movement.
A. The abmat sit-up is where we will breathe and keep a nice relaxed pace. It should take around 15-20s for these reps so consider it a workout of 1-2-3-4… DB burpee box step over with a 15-20s active recovery between each set. We want to start the first rep of DBBBSO immediately after the last sit up, so how fast you go on the abmat sit up is determined by how fatigued you are.
NOTE – I’ve seen a number of people doing DB step over variations with DBs in the front rack position. Unless state otherwise, a DB step over (by itself or as part of another complex like today’s DB burpee box step over) is always with DBs held by sides (farmer’s carry position).

B. Air squats are the low skill, KB snatch is the higher skill BUT still has a little pause on the floor to keep the pacing more manageable. Discipline challenge on this workout:
1. Keep working through the reps.
2. Keep your feet glued to the same spot on the floor the whole time.

C. Row is the low skill pacer, HSPU are the higher skill. This comes down to your confidence on the HSPU. If you are confident, the rowing calories can be smashed out faster as the HSPU volume isn’t enough to need to pace the row. If your confidence is lower on the HSPU, use the row to recover so you can step off and attack every set.
HSPU should be scaled down to one of the following:
– pike box push ups
– DB push ups
– ring dips

Crossfit Karlstad