Måndag 13 december

Alternating EMOM 40:
1. 3-5 Pull Ups + 6-10 Push ups + 10-15 Air Squats
2. 4-8 Burpee box jump @ 60/50cm
3. 6-12 Alternating DB Hang Squat clean @ 22.5 /15kg
4. 30-60 Double Unders
5. 2-4 Toes to bar + 4-8 KB Swing @ 24/16kg + 8-12 Jumping lunges
6. 5-10 Box jump step down @ 60/50cm
7. 8-16 Alternating DB Snatch @ 22.5 /15kg
8. 30-60 Double Unders

As always, a chunky start to our week! This 40 minute EMOM will challenge your ability to sustain output for a long time period.
If you have a good understanding of your capacity you will be able to pick out appropriately challenging numbers from the start.
If you are not so familiar with your capacity, start at the lowest end of the rep ranges for each movement, then after the first round assess how difficult it is feeling and whether or not you can increase the reps at all.
At the lowest end of the rep ranges you will be working around 15-30s each minute.
At the highest end of the rep ranges you will be working for up to 50s.
Approach this EMOM as you would do a long run – Pace each minute of work at a steady pace that spikes the heart rate as little as possible. If the workout was a 5km run, you would not sprint 100m, walk 50m, sprint, walk, etc. but this is what we are doing by sprint through the work each minute then needed to rest on knees or even sit down! Steady Eddy all the way through.

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