Onsdag 15 december

A. Warm Up – AMRAP 5 minutes:
5 Seal to down dog
3x Lunge Complex with overhead swing
10s Dead hang + 3 Scapula pull up + 3 Kip swing
3 Slow motion thruster @ 20/15kg

B. Jerk Werk (12 minutes):
0:00-4:00 – EMOM 3: 5 Jerk to lunge @ empty bar
4:00-8:00 – EMOM 3: 2 Jerk to lunge + 2 Split jerk @ 20-40kg
8:00-12:00 – EMOM 5: 2 Split Jerk*

* First rep has a FIVE second pause in the catch.

C. Strict Gymnastics Capacity Building (13 minutes)
Every 30s x 14:
15-20% of 3 minute Max Ring Dips
OR (if you were not here for the test)
2-5 Strict Ring dips

1 minute rest

Every 30s x 14:
15-20% of 3 minute Max Strict pull ups
OR (if you were not here for the test)
2-5 Strict Pull ups

D. For time:
2 Rounds:
15 Box jump over @ 60/50cm
15 Shoulder to overhead @ 35/25kg
15 Power Clean @ 35/25kg

Rest 1 minute

2 Rounds:
12 Box jump over @ 60/50cm
12 Shoulder to overhead @ 42.5/30kg
12 Pull up

Rest 1 minute

2 Rounds:
9 Box jump over @ 60/50cm
9 Shoulder to overhead @ 50/35kg
9 Chest to bar

Time cap: 14 minutes

A. On the seal, keep the HIPS ON THE FLOOR as you slowly roll chest to ceiling. The goal is to stretch the front of your hips and arms, not necessarily to get the arms straight. On the down dog, drive head to toes and heels to floor to help open up overhead position and hamstrings.

B. The tall jerk is a great movement for learning correct back knee position. If the back leg is straight, we put too much pressure on the front leg AND the hip flexor of the back leg is in a very stretched position. This makes it much harder to keep the bar in a good position overhead. The jerk to lunge teaches how to keep the back knee bent and underneath the hips, so the torso can be more upright and the overhead position more stable.

C. Final progression of the strict gymnastics capacity before we retest next week. Final chance to get alllll the quality reps in the tank!

D. A three part workout with descending reps and increasing load /difficulty. Pace each “set” of 2 rounds as if it was 3 rounds of the same workout, then once you get to the final part there will be the juice left to go hard on that final 2 rounds. As the movements increase in difficulty we can pace a little differently too:
Box jump over – slow and steady = step down, faster = rebounding.
Shoulder to overhead – lighter = push press, heavier = push jerk
Pulling movement – this depends all on your pulling capacity. Earlier on in the workout stay away from failure, as the workout progresses, dare to go a little closer to failure to push the pace further!

Crossfit Karlstad