Torsdag 16 december

A. Warm-Up (7:30 minutes)
20s Work, 10s Rest x 15 building in intensity and aggression each round:
1. Easy paced burpees
2. Glute bridges
3. Walking lunge
4. Easy paced shuttle run
5. Box step up

B. 3x Superset* (12 minutes):
B1. 8-12 Alternating DB goblet step up
30-60s Rest
B2. 5-10 Barbell Good Morning
60-90s Rest

*Aim to beat what you hit last week.
**this is standing on plates so you can reach full stretch of the hamstrings at the bottom of the movement.

C. MAX EFFORT Intervals (22 minutes)
0:00-6:00 – Interval set 1
6:00-8:00 – Rest
8:00-14:00 – Interval set 2
14:00-16:00 – Rest
16:00-22:00 – Interval set 3
22:00 – Done

20s Max effort Shuttle Run
20s Max effort DB Burpee deadlift @ 2 x 22.5/15kg
20s Max DB Front Rack Walking lunge @ 2 x 22.5/15kg
60s Rest*

*Sharing areas (and DBs where possible) with person in area next to you. One person works for the 60s interval, the other rests.

B. On the goblet step up we are keeping the back leg completely locked so it is NOT being used at all. Lean forward to get the load only the front leg (and the knee over the toe) to get maximum benefit and transfer over to our pistols.
The key with the barbell good morning is to sit the hips BACK, not to simply bend forwards. Start the movement by arching the back and sitting the hips and knees back to touch the wall behind you. Knees should stay soft and the knee angle stay the same throughout the movement. Look for a painful stretch in the hamstrings, then squeeze the bum and push your hips forwards to stand up.

C. Working in pairs for this max effort interval piece. Member no.1 will complete the 3x20s intervals, once the clock reaches 1:00, member no.1 rests and member no.2 starts. Pairs will complete 3 rounds like this, rest 2 minutes, then repeat 2 more times for 3 Sets of 3×20/20/20/60 intervals.
Combine areas next to each other – this will be your pair’s space.
Shuttle runs will be done rig to wall with a hand touch on the floor each end.
The burpee deadlift is similar to the start of the devil’s press, but we jump the feet between the DBs before standing up to full extension with DBs by sides.
Keep hold of the DBs after your last burpee deadlift, clean the DBs up to shoulders and start your lunge. Lunge back and forth along the length of your areas until time, then set the DBs down and that is where your partner will start.



A. BTN press w. snatch grip
6 x 3

B. Flat footed snatch pull
6 x 2

C. Snatch pull + snatch w. 3 sec pause in catch
10 x 2

Börja på 50% av 1RM snatch. Höj vikten med 5/2.5 kg endast om båda lyften är identiska, annars fortsätt på samma vikt. Jobba två och två och hjälp varandra att kontrollera lyften.

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