Tisdag 21 december

A. Warm Up: Every 45s x 8 (6 minutes) Alternating:
1. Lunge Matrix with rotation over working leg
2. 5 PVC Pipe Shoulder Dislocation + 5 OHS
3. 3 Slow motion Snatch pull @ 20/15kg
4. 3 Segmented muscle snatch @ 20/15kg

B. Front Squats (12 minutes)
– Warm up sets:
3-5 @ 40%
3-5 @ 50%
3-5 @ 60%

– Main sets:
1 x 2 @75%
1 x 2 @80%
1 x 2 @85%
1 x Max effort @90% (2 RIR)

C. Segmented Power Snatch + Overhead squat + Segmented Snatch (10 minutes):
– 4-5 sets of 2x 1+1+1 @65%-85% of 1RM Snatch and build.

D. 16 minute AMRAP
2 Gymnastics reps (see below)
4 DB Burpee box step overs @ 2 x 22.5/15kg to 60/50cm
8 Snatch (anyhow)

– Every 2 rounds you complete, the snatch weight increases and gymnastic movement changes.


B. The heaviest progression of our front squat cycle yet. As the load goes up, bracing becomes even more important. Treat each double as two singles – big breath in and brace before EACH rep.

C. On today’s complex, focus on two things:
1. Be explosive from the second pause, to power the bar up overhead.
2. Keep the bar close through both pauses, from the second pause the bar should be in contact with the thigh all the way up to the hips.

D. This is a naughty twist on the classic hero workout Nate. After every two rounds the gymnastic movement changes and the snatch weight increases. With regards to gymnastics, it’s nice enough to let you creep into the next round if your gymnastics isn’t too sharp but also quickly adds up.
For those that won’t have too many problems with the gymnastics we then test your grip and how well you can grind in this long workout with those DB Burpee box step overs. Peeling yourself off the floor will get harder and harder as you go on.
Then finally the snatches…these can be done anyhow. The weight increases every 2 rounds. And it’s the number of reps that will leave you questioning when you should start breaking the reps up and if you should at all…

Crossfit Karlstad