Onsdag 5 januari

At 0:00 – For Time with a Partner:
100 Box Jump Overs @ 60/50cm (shared)
2,000 meter Row (shared)
200 Walking Lunges Synchro
(25 minute cap)

At 25:00 – 3 minutes Rest

At 28:00 – 3 Rounds with a Partner:
30 Hang Power Cleans @60/40 kg / Partner Deadlift Hold 60/40 kg
15 Burpee Pull-Ups / Partner Dead Hang Hold
(16 minute cap)

At 44:00 – DONE

The box jump overs are shared and can be shared however, as can the row. The walking lunges are synchro at knee touch on the floor AND full extension at the top, so it pays to get into a good rhythm.

On the second part of the workout, one partner must be at full extension with the deadlift hold BEFORE the other partner can pick up the bar for the hang power cleans. Same goes for the dead hang hold and burpee pull ups. If the bar is too high for the burpee pull up, sub for DB burpee power clean.


Crossfit Karlstad