Onsdag 12 januari

A. Warm Up – AMRAP 5 minutes:
10s Supinated Dead hang
10 Alternating lunge with overhead swing
3 Push up to down dog
5/5 S.arm DB row

B. You Go, I Go: for 2 sets each (10 minutes)
5-4-3-2-1 reps of…
Ring Dip / Ring Push Up*
Strict pull up / Ring Row
Rest while partner goes
2 minute cap on each round

*If doing ring rows + ring push ups, you will use the same rings for both and use a box to elevate feet to appropriate height for the ring push ups.

C. EMOM 12:
1. 5-15s Each Hold: Chin over bar hold + Halfway down pull up hold + Active hang
2. 5-15s Each Hold: Ring top plank hold + Halfway down ring push up hold + Bottom of ring push up hold

D. AMRAP 15 minutes, for quality:
Climb the ladder of 1-2-3-4-5….
Right Arm DB Snatch (DB outside body) @ 22.5/15kg
Right Arm DB Push Press
Left Arm DB Snatch (DB outside body) @ 22.5/15kg
Left Arm DB Push Press
Hanging Thigh taps
Length Gymnastic Bear crawl

A. The single arm DB row is done in the regular bent over row position, holding one DB in one hand.

B. Each round should be complete within 2 minutes and if we feel like this is a time cap we will not meet in the first round, the movements can be scaled down ring push ups – DB push ups – Push ups, and Ring rows.

C. Staying in pairs for this piece too, ideally with someone of similar skill level so we can go on different minutes and share equipment.

D. The DB snatch is outside the feet, after finishing the DB snatch we want to go straight down to the shoulder to start the push press then after the push press we start with the opposite side snatch followed by push press. So the goal is to have the first four movements (DB movements) done in one long complex without putting the DB down and keep this for as long through the ladder as possible. For the gymnastic bear crawl we have the hips high over the shoulders over the hands, similar to the pike push up position. This places lots of load over straight arms to mimic similar stress to the handstand walk.

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